What does it mean to be a LQA host?

Each LQA chapter is led by one person who serves as the local host. This volunteer represents their city and organizes the chapter with the support of Life Question Academy HQ in Lisbon.

As the primary host, you are in charge of organizing your local event, including:

  • Securing a venue

  • Marketing for the event (, Facebook, Eventbrite…)

  • Greeting members and engaging in discussion


Can there be co-hosts?

Yes. We require ONE point of contact for each chapter who serves as the face of that location but you can nominate a co-host to support you behind the scenes. This way, if any surprise stops you from hosting an event, you have a back up.

How much time typically goes into being an LQA host?

On average, a host spends about 2 hours organizing an event. 

How often are events?

Each chapter hosts at least one event a month, every month. We have found that's the minimum amount to keep an active community. Currently, in Lisbon, our largest community, we organize weekly events.

What's the format of the events?

Each LQA chapter is unique to its community: some meet in bars or coffee shops, others in bookstores, co-working spaces, restaurants and even outdoors in a park—weather permitting.

You organize the event, we'll provide prompt questions. Let's make meaningful conversations.

How is a typical event like?

For example, in a cafe:

  • 18:30 - 19:00 - Arrive. Welcome members. Order drinks/food. Casual conversation before kicking off theme discussion.

  • 19:00 - 20:30 - If the group is large, break into smaller groups. Start conversation with the help of prompt questions.

  • 20:30 - End of event. People leave or some stay to get to know each other better.


What are the steps of the application process?

Complete the form below. We'll contact you for a chat where we can discuss any questions you have. 

If I apply, how long until I hear from you?

48 hours. Keep in mind we're a small team in Lisbon, so we appreciate your patience.

What are some qualities you look for in a chapter host?

Here are four qualities:

  • You make things happen: When it comes to events, it's very difficult to control everything. Although our events are quite simple to organize, we expect hosts to adapt in case of surprises that invariably arise.

  • You’re fascinated by different people and different opinions: Our community attracts people from all countries, cultures, backgrounds and life choices. This is the beauty. That's exactly what we want.

  • You’re welcoming: One of the most common things we hear as feedback is that an LQA event is extremely welcoming. As it turns out, deep and vulnerable conversations require courage from members, so that's why being warm and welcoming is vitally important.

  • You’re a seeker of truth and growth: It's certainly nice to be a local leader, to get experience and to meet people, but it's also important to work with passion. So, if you are a truth and growth seeker yourself, chances are you will excel as a host.

What sort of resources does LQA headquarters provide?

Each of our chapters receives a number of resources to help you make your events successful and easy to organize, including: brand assets, discussion guidelines, sample marketing materials, access to our communication system for hosts worldwide.

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